The Team

Proof that size does matter, Amy Lewis Design began in 1999 as a boutique design agency big on the things that count – great design, fast turnaround and client satisfaction.

Amy Lewis heads up the outfit,with a little help from her feline PA Max, and a young tech-savvy team.

As a dynamic and approachable bunch, the bayside crew are committed to building a unique marketing identity for your business. With experience in the corporate and retail sector, across the retirement, wedding, cycling, hospitality and medical industries, the energetic agency offers a diverse and experienced outlook.

Oh, they also smile, don’t always wear black and never take boozy 4-hour lunches.

Amy Lewis, founder and principal designer

A creative with tech skills – fancy that. Amy began in IT as a web designer for clients like Telstra but later found her true calling in design, graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design at Holmesglen TAFE. Inspired by music, art and photography, she’s taken her creative talent abroad, producing branding and packaging design in London for clients from homeware brands through to the BBC. As recognition of her rising talent, Amy scored the 2002 Holmesglen Faculty Award for Graphic Arts, and was also chosen among 48,000 students to receive the Institute’s Outstanding Diploma Student of the Year Award. Yes, she’s a bit of a star, but she’s happier chasing success for your brand, rather than adding to her trophy collection.

Lindsay Gardiner, designer

Lindsay completed her Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) at RMIT in 2007, majoring in advertising and publication. Prior to that, she completed an Advanced Diploma in Advertising at RMIT where she learnt everything from copywriting to consumer behaviour. Whilst studying Lindsay took the opportunity to travel to Japan and parts of Europe where she was able to start building a collection of beautiful paper stocks and stationery. An integral part of the team, Lindsay is a friendly, quiet achiever, but don’t forget it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for!

Peter Skipworth, systems administrator/software developer

Take the technical savvy of Bill Gates, then add a down-to-earth attitude and a sense of humour – that’s our IT master, Peter Skipworth. With outstanding experience as a programmer, systems administrator and technical team leader both in Australia and the UK, Pete is the brains behind’s dynamic search engine and the brawn behind his own custom coding language in Perl/PHP. Yes, he’s hardcore, but also friendly. (Pete we’re sorry about the Bill Gates part..)

Gina Brett, design & print manager

Gina holds qualifications in design, small business management and has done the eponymous Advertising AWARD school. Her broad skillset covers all areas of design and publishing. In her time in Sydney she worked with some of advertising’s top creative teams as a designer/typographer. Since moving to Melbourne in 2000, she has worked for companies as diverse as PMP Digital, Bnews and Lincraft as an art director and designer. Gina also created and self-published a niche publication for three years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ALD, as well as a flair for organisation that guarantees the work gets done within budget and on time, every time.